TrialKit Engage for Virtual Visits

Scheduling and televisits to support studies of every phase, size, and location

With the pandemic as the catalyst, virtual visits have dramatically improved access to clinical research and study participation. As healthcare consumers have become more comfortable with virtual care, clinical trial participation from home (or outside of the clinic) has also exploded in popularity. Research professionals and participants alike have enjoyed the benefits of televisits, which has reshaped how life science companies utilize software to support data collection. The need for a patient- and site-friendly method to schedule and conduct virtual visits inspired the creation of TrialKit Engage.

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TrialKit Engage has been developed as a simple, plug-and-play solution for research teams seeking to remotely engage with study participants while also simplifying the scheduling process. Ideal for decentralized trials, TrialKit Engage is available as both a web and mobile app and is tightly integrated into the TrialKit platform. Take advantage of a single eClinical platform that empowers you to manage your studies effectively and with confidence. 

Utilize TrialKit Engage directly within the TrialKit platform and avoid the need for third party conferencing applications
Low-code, minimal configuration to implement TrialKit Engage with no programming required
Connecting to TrialKit Engage for a virtual visit is as simple as using FaceTime, Zoom Conferencing, Google Meet, etc.* *can also support audio only visits
Accessible to study teams, site personnel and study participants via TrialKit’s web and mobile app
Conduct televisits with TrialKit Engage to facilitate the completion of any required TrialKit form (i.e. eCRF, ePRO/eCOA form, etc), all within the same application
With TrialKit Engage’s integrated video conferencing, site staff can provide remote eConsent consultations
Unlimited flexibility to host both scheduled and on-demand, unscheduled video visits and consultations with built-in calendaring to minimize scheduling challenges (import into Google, Outlook, etc.)
Integrated reports provide site and study teams with role-based visit summaries
Real-time, color-coded site calendar allowing site personnel to quickly view all virtual and in-person visits

Looking for even more detailed information about how TrialKit Engage works?
Visit the TrialKit Help Center for comprehensive explanations of the tool.

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