Randomization and Trial Supply Management (RTSM)

Reclaim time with the inherent automation capabilities, and gain true visibility into the end-to-end patient journey

Gone are the days of logging into separate systems to randomize patients or manage trial supply. TrialKit’s RTSM is a modern, purpose-built solution that is seamlessly integrated within the entire TrialKit platform, allowing you to increase efficiency, decrease risk, and optimize trial supply.

Reclaim time with the inherent automation capabilities, and gain true visibility into the end-to-end patient journey.


Powerful, yet simple patient randomization that is aligned with the trial protocol
Stay on top of randomization activities with inherent automation capabilities and notifications

Quickly and accurately randomize patients. And, for ultimate convenience and productivity, use either the web or mobile app to perform randomization and execute mid-study protocol changes.

Inventory Management

Because our inventory management is tightly integrated with the same database as the study data, you benefit from an automated workflow and reduced time and cost.

When a site is activated, the system picks inventory items based on the predefined site ceiling.
The distributor and site are notified of the items to expect, their lot, item number, and expiration date.
The system informs the distributor to ship the allotted items to the site.
When the items are received, the site logs their receipt in the system.
These items become available for study participants.
When site inventory hits the predetermined floor level, the product is automatically reordered based on the inventory available at the distribution center.
Manual override functions are also provided to move products between sites due to overstock or back to the distributor for proper disposal.

Stay up to speed on inventory movement with comprehensive reporting and notifications


Additional Features and Functionality

Want to learn more about RTSM? Visit the TrialKit Help Center for more details

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