Electronic Trial Master File (eTMF)

Rethink your study document management strategy with TrialKit

When it comes to today’s clinical trials, eTMF’s predecessors (paper-based file storage and common content management systems) create unnecessary hurdles to regulatory compliance and inspection readiness. It’s time to advance to an approach that enhances efficiencies, ensures Good Clinical Practice (GCP), and consolidates your documents into a central location. TrialKit’s eTMF solution enables anytime, anywhere management of essential documents directly integrated with the rest of the TrialKit ecosystem.

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An accessible and unified eTMF solution

TrialKit offers electronic trial master file technology that is unified with the entire platform and available on both the web-based and native mobile apps. As a part of TrialKit’s cloud-based ecosystem, real-time access to documents and truly remote collaboration is possible when managing your operational and study documents. 

Access and manage all essential documents and associated tasks in one centralized system along with other study activities.

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