Reporting & Analytics

Remain informed about study status with intelligent, real-time reporting

Quickly and efficiently track study progress and view the metrics you need using TrialKit’s pre-defined reports. Need more? TrialKit is equipped with a report builder to define your own listings and get exactly the information you need, whether it’s study data or indicators for study status.

Extract all records, including those that have been archived or deleted

Extract entire data sets to SAS, ODM, XML, SPSS, or Excel with a single click or tap

Select for display any field, filter, or both
Dashboard Report

Example reports

  • Dashboard Report – reveal dozens of study metrics on a single page and drill down into the report and relevant subject records
  • Action Item Report by Role - list items that require immediate attention
  • My Queries Report – filter queries by site, form, field, status, subject, and type
  • Full Subject Audit Report – display all transactions to any subject record and drill down into the details
  • Study Closeout – export all relevant data by site, subject, and form and export the following annotated data to a PDF: queries, record changes, review locks, and CRFs

Universal storage buckets for advanced data storage and reporting

Save significant programming resources to create advanced reports by integrating secure, centralized cloud storage such as Google Buckets into the TrialKit platform.
  • Deposit data from TrialKit to its designated bucket based on user-defined frequency or conditions (e.g., daily)
  • Store data in buckets for additional data security and recovery
  • Assign user privileges and access rights to buckets
  • Visualize and analyze data using software such as Google Data Studio, JReview, Spotfire, or Tableau via direct integration with infrastructure like Google Buckets
  • Eliminate the cost of generating manual reports through SAS programming and free up time for other important tasks
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