Reporting & Analytics

Remain informed about study status with intelligent, real-time reporting

Quickly and efficiently track study progress and view the metrics you need with TrialKit’s sophisticated business intelligence capabilities. TrialKit Drive allows you to access all study data and metrics from a single location and schedule exports to run daily or weekly to your location of choice, such as an SFTP.

TrialKit Drive

Single-point access to comprehensive data listings and metrics related to study performance and activities. Want to know something about your study? It can be found here. Use TrialKit Drive to build your own reports or schedule exports to run on given intervals to your own external repository.

A cost-effective option for users who need convenient single-point access to all data and performance metrics for their own storage or report-building purposes

Avoid the need to manually search for data and view data in real-time with reports that update automatically

Example of a study summary

Example reports

Advanced Business Intelligence Capabilities

Direct your data to a reporting tool, such as Spotfire, Tableau, or Google Data Studio to generate custom, highly visual interactive reports. Leverage all of the metadata available within the TrialKit platform for truly advanced analytics and robust reporting of key operational metrics. These services may be provided by a certified CDS partner. Examples of interactive BI reports include:

Visit the TrialKit Help Center for a more in-depth look at reporting

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