Drive patient participation and streamline the informed consent process for research teams

As clinical trials continue to become more decentralized, electronic informed consent has evolved to be an essential component of the research team’s toolkit. That’s why we’ve closely integrated our eConsent functionality into the rest of the TrialKit platform. Now, patients have a seamless informed consent experience while researchers enjoy real-time access to eConsent results along with the rest of the study data.

Provide patients with clear, digestible information by using educational hyperlinks or pop-ups with definitions of trial terminology. Include photos or videos in eConsent forms to help patients gain a clear understanding of the clinical trial, leading to increased participation rates. After consenting, study participants are automatically sent an email with PDF attachments of the documents they reviewed, as well as the signature they provided, for their own personal records.

eConsent is available as an integrated module within the TrialKit platform or as a standalone module integrated with other third party systems via TrialKit’s RESTful API or through manual data exports from TrialKit at the desired frequency.

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