Electronic Data Capture and eSource

Implement tomorrow’s data collection and management technology to free up valuable time for the important tasks of today

Modern clinical research demands powerful technology that can adapt to the needs of each individual trial. But, this ability to customize your system should not compromise the study timeline. That’s why we built TrialKit EDC with your time in mind—saving you valuable days of work during build, UAT, and the course of the study when changes are needed.

Think beyond traditional electronic data capture for your data management needs

Designed as an end-to-end, cloud-based solution, TrialKit applies the latest in technology to enable interchangeable use of browser-based and mobile app platforms—reflecting all changes from all sources in the database in real-time. Gone are the days of being tied to your computer to accomplish data management tasks: build, deploy, and manage studies directly from the easy-to-use mobile app on any compatible smartphone or tablet.

Running multiple studies?

No problem—you have quick access, via both the web and mobile app, to all your studies in one single-sign-on environment.

Reclaim control of your clinical trials with TrialKit EDC and eSource

Rapid study start-up is the norm with our advanced, unique drag-and-drop form builder that allows you to flexibly define your data collection. And, building an eCRF is easy to learn and maintain—no programming expertise necessary. Use one of the built-in templates, a template based on a previous study, or import a form and all its attributes.
Easily define when and how often forms are to be collected and the permissions different users have for viewing and editing, including field-specific blinding. Conditionally hide variables or forms based on randomization allocation or other system constants such as the visit or subject-specific criteria.
  • Drag-and-drop field variables anywhere on the form canvas for absolute control of your form’s layout
  • Target the same form and optimize the layout for web- and mobile-based interfaces
  • Create both simple and cross-form edit checks, hide fields (skip-logic), disable fields, populate field values, and compute fields using condition-based logic
  • Annotate CRFs/eCRFs as PDFs for review and approval
  • Export form data dictionaries to ODM or Excel format
  • Automatically validate CRFs/eCRFs using built-in auto-validation test scripts

Additional Features and Functionality

Study Security and Data Access

  • Easily manage multiple sites and users from a singular administrative role
  • Assign multiple users per site or a single user to multiple sites
  • Have full control of 250 permissions and form access rights throughout the system

Study Workflow

  • Define multiple review levels by role, program, and order of completion
  • Define each level to review by form or field, including risk-based monitoring support
  • Use a touchscreen to perform review and sign-off within the mobile app

Fully Integrated Query Management

  • View the complete audit trail
  • Perform form-, field-, and interval-based queries via the web or mobile app
  • Utilize system-generated queries (via failed edit checks) and automatic query closure upon data correction

Subject Management and Access

  • Configure subject ID format and sequence
  • Easily access summary information for each patient using the subject listing
  • Quickly search for subjects and jump to other visits and forms using our user-friendly navigation features that make subject case-book access as efficient as possible

Lab Management

  • Enable lab range evaluation during study design
  • Collect labs via manual entry or bulk importing
  • Auto-populate pre-specified values and measurement units for each lab used
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