Private Cloud

Make TrialKit truly your own

Want your own customized environment? With a private cloud, your environment is managed separately, allowing for customizations such as changes to menu items, system-wide text, and other UI items. Yet, you get the same great experience as with the TrialKit platform in the main cloud.

Have more than one TrialKit cloud?

Navigating between clouds is as simple as selecting from a drop-down menu. TrialKit manages the clouds behind the scenes, maintaining a seamless workflow.

What are the benefits?

Housing clinical data on a private cloud server offers the following benefits:
  • Greater server control
  • Improved loading and operating speeds
  • Flexibility to select location of server
  • 24/7 system administration and IT tech support
And, you maintain the same benefits as the main cloud:
  • Accessibility on mobile devices via TrialKit
  • Unlimited users
  • Scalable hardware configuration
  • Latest version release of the TrialKit platform
TrialKit currently supports a wide variety of cloud technologies including Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud™ enterprise services.
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