Patient Registries


A better way to build clinical registries

Traditional methods for building and populating patient registries are slow and expensive, relying on researchers to seek out and recruit individual patients. For rare conditions, building registries in this way can take years before there is enough data to deliver true insights.

Using the TrialKit platform, now researchers can take a different approach – build the registry first, then allow patients to find it and register themselves.

Getting Started

Our TrialKit platform makes creating public or closed patient registries easy. Take a product tour below to see it in action.

Easily build the registry infrastructure with TrialKit’s drag-and-drop functionality – no matter the condition or target patient population, creating the foundation of the database is simple.
TrialKit allows you to make your registry public instantly. Or, if you prefer to keep your registry closed, TrialKit allows you to easily create a secure path for patients you invite into the registration process.
Get the word out about your registry. Build awareness through social media, online communities and advertising to bring interested patients into the registry.
TrialKit has the tools to build an easy registration process for patients. They simply click a link from an ad or social media post then, after being directed to TrialKit (via the web or the downloadable mobile app), provide some basic information that helps determine if they are eligible for the registry.

Quick, Easy Process

Better Registries, Faster

Today’s patients are smart and empowered. Giving them the ability to find and self-register has the power
to significantly accelerate the development of deep and insightful databases. 

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