eSource (Direct Data Entry)

Experience a mobile eSource solution with true flexibility for direct data capture

For far too long, research sites have been encumbered by the tedious tasks associated with paper-based data collection. Today, it’s time to bypass the clipboard of paper source documents and enjoy real-time access to cleaner data. TrialKit’s eSource solution empowers site personnel to enter data directly into the system with the device of their preference. Whether users prefer to record data in TrialKit’s mobile app via phone or tablet or directly into EDC via computer, all data is synced to the TrialKit centralized cloud database for ultimate accessibility.

TrialKit’s breakthrough eSource technology enables research professionals to:

Access the platform from all compatible Android and iOS devices to support bring-your-own-device (BYOD) implementations
Enter data using highly customizable eSource documents designed with TrialKit’s intuitive drag-and-drop form builder
Collect data from advanced fields such as image, video, audio, annotation, and eSignature with TrialKit’s user-friendly mobile interface
Scan or upload any existing paper source documents into the eCRF from web or mobile with ease
Eliminate redundant data entry and the associated time and errors spent on source data verification (SDV)
Facilitate a risk-based monitoring strategy
Ensure data accuracy and decrease transcription errors with sophisticated edit checks and automated notifications
Increase efficiencies at the site to gain more time for providing patient care
Harmonize the use of eSource data across departments with TrialKit’s centralized cloud-based repository
Remove disconnects between the sponsor and sites and enhance interdepartmental collaboration
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