Efficient Study Builds With the TrialKit Platform for ICON GPHS


ICON Government and Public Health Solutions (GPHS), formerly ClinicalRM, provides full-service clinical development and staffing services across multiple agencies in the US Government and is a trusted partner to both multinational public health organizations and global non-government 0rganisations (NGOs).


Since 2010, ICON GPHS exclusively used Oracle Clinical and Oracle Clinical Remote Data Capture (OC/RDC) as their clinical data management system (CDMS). In 2014, they learned Oracle would no longer be enhancing their Remote Data Capture (OC/RDC) system. Experience of the ICON GPHS Data Management and Information Technology teams lead to concern about continued support by Oracle of the OC/RDC platform. This initiated a search for a new solution, and in late 2014, ICON GPHS decided to start evaluating new CDM systems to replace Oracle Clinical and Oracle OC/RDC.

With a broad global reach and international partnerships, including in regions of the Asia-Pacific and West Africa, ICON GPHS was faced with the challenge of finding a CDMS that could support data capture at clinical trial sites around the world. Critical attributes of the new system included: a dependable cloud-based system that is accessible on mobile devices – no matter how remote the location.


After determining implementation, maintenance, and licensure costs, integration with other systems (e.g. Clinical Trial Management System), ease of use, access reliability, and customer support to be the deciding factors in the evaluation process, ICON GPHS began with assessments of CDM systems that are considered to be “industry standards”.

Subsequent to the evaluation, ICON GPHS secured confidence that the TrialKit platform satisfied more of their requirements than any other system. TrialKit boasts an exceptionally powerful feature set, yet the system is also simple to learn and easy to use. Not only did ICON GPHS find the TrialKit interface incredibly user-friendly, but with its competitive pricing, it was the most cost efficient option.

As someone that is outside of data management I found the TrialKit system very user-friendly and easy to work in. The support staff at Crucial Data Solutions is very helpful and provides fast feedback.

Tyler Winter, Project Specialist, Generalist, ICON GPHS

Beyond edging out competition in terms of cost, ICON GPHS’ deciding factor to select TrialKit as their new CDMS came down to customer support. TrialKit’s support offerings stood out from the rest with live support available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. The TrialKit support team’s responsiveness and willingness to listen to their clients’ needs is a true differentiator from other systems on the market.

By choosing to implement TrialKit’s feature-rich platform, ICON GPHS is able to build and manage studies more efficiently than ever, allowing them focus less on trial costs and more on their mission: to deliver solutions to fight disease and improve lives…everywhere.

I have built databases using SAS and Oracle Clinical, and have used many other systems. TrialKit is by far my favorite. The Customer Support is better than anything I’ve seen, literally, they are always just a phone call away and go above and beyond to make sure their clients are happy. TrialKit is always seeking to improve their products and are always ready and willing to hear new ideas, and often incorporate them. I love this product and support staff.

Laurie Johnson, Clinical Data Manager, ICON GPHS
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