Improving Workflows through TrialKit EDC for FUEL Studios


Since 2004, FUEL Studios, Inc. has partnered with small to mid-sized clinical research groups and technology providers to support clinical trials for medical devices. They have worked in Clinical Data Management, Statistical and Software Development departments with an understanding of how each role is vital during a clinical trial.


To meet growing client demands for improved technology in clinical trials, FUEL Studios sought out an efficient and customizable mobile electronic data capture (EDC) development platform that would allow them to simplify and modernize their client’s means of data collection. FUEL Studios was also looking for a system that could be easily modified on the fly to accommodate complicated study protocols, edit checks, and conditional actions.


After an initial product demonstration and subsequent training, FUEL Studios was able to kick-start their study builds and deployment. The senior technology team at FUEL Studios worked closely with Crucial Data Solutions’ product development group to suggest enhanced features that simplified their client’s workflows. The fast turnaround for product development by Crucial Data Solutions allowed FUEL Studios to quickly present clients with a modern technology platform that easily adapted to unique situations encountered while collecting clinical data at the point of care. As of today, TrialKit continues to be one of FUEL Studios’ top choices for study builds and electronic data capture.

FUEL Studios continues to be blown away by the features, service, and technology solutions offered by TrialKit. The adaptability of the system has exceeded our expectations at a fraction of the price. To those worried about taking the plunge – don’t be! The tools offered by TrialKit should be in every clinical researcher’s hands.

Jerry Stinar, Chief Technology Officer
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